Calibrex 1.0

track your reps velocity bar balance rest


The Calibrex iOS App holds all your workout metrics in one place. 

  • Displays real-time data on your lifts
  • Provides audio cues for the form, rest-time and intensity.
  • Stores workouts to give insight into your progress
  • Stores data for multiple users 
  • Provides coaches the freedom to spend time with their athletes rather than with their athletes’ spreadsheets. 
  • Track improvement, recovery, and performance in real-time, then review it later.

Strong Magnets

Two pocket-sized devices clip to either end of any barbell and measure your balancevelocity, and reps using lidar technology. With a convenient dock that charges the devices in less than an hour, Calibrex will never slow you down

1mm Accuracy
~2 oz total weight
60lb holding force
<1 hr charging time
30+ hrs battery life
8 x 4 x 1cm


We're currently running our first production batch of 50 units

Early adopters get some cool perks:

  • Data analysis, plots, and metrics from the Calibrex team
  • Unlimited direct customer support
  • Access to developers to implement new features
  • Discounts on future Calibrex products
  • Access to 24/7 group chat with Calibrex users

Interested in participating in our BETA?

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"Being able to track your metrics when training particularly with foundational barbell movements is potentially an invaluable tool that previously has only been available in high-tech physiology labs."
Dr. Joel Seedman
PhD - Kinesiology
“Velocity based training is a great method for determining each athletes readiness for a days workload and using metrics is the only way to track”
Brad Hyde
Athletic Trainer - New York Yankees
“When training alone, is difficult to see your own shortfall or imbalances. This device is just the thing I’ve been looking for to push myself that much further”
Arthur Torrens
University NH Head Coach