Greetings from Calibrex!

We're a fitness-tech company that makes cutting-edge workout trackers for athletes.

Why join Calibrex?
We’re a mission driven team! We’re all athletes looking to empower anyone to train like a pro. We believe we understand our market better than any other company and have built a passionate, top-tier team to build and grow the best fitness platform ever. We believe every member of our team has a voice and strive to empower all Calibrex employees to achieve both their personal and professional goals. We have strong values baked into our company culture - equity, sustainability, accountability, and passion for optimal fitness.

We're a fitness-tech company that makes cutting-edge workout trackers for athletes. We've recently launched our flagship product - the Calibrex 2 - and are scaling up our operations. One place we're really looking to expand is our social media. We're looking for a Social Media Manager who is creative, driven, and talented who can reflect our identity as a data-driven performance company on Instagram and TikTok. We don't require any experience but prefer a candidate who has social media expertise.

What You'll be Doing:

- Creating daily posts
about our fitness niche, technology, company, and trends
- Engaging with community and other influencers
- Learning under other industry-leading social media marketers to build your skills
- Generating and editing media for posting
- Managing and selling collections of NFTs
- Reaching out to gym owners for potential partnerships
- Conducting short interviews with industry professionals
- Finding creative and innovative ways to communicate and tell our story

Who You Are:

- Someone who loves and understands social media
- A driven self-starter who is not afraid to learn, fail, or try new things
- Someone looking to work in the highly-agile environment of a tech startup
- A creative, artistic person who wants to become a world-class marketer
- A good communicator
- A tech-saavy
person (nice to have)

To get a feel for who we are and what we do, check out the rest of our website & our social

Quick tip: If you want to cut the line, send us a Loom video telling us why you're the right fit!

if you don't see it above but are sure you can help, drop a line

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