Smart Logbook
Bar Speed & Power

Calibrex 1.0 will track bar speed, power and balance, and give real-time audio feedback via sound. 2 types of sounds let you know if you're lifting faster or slower than your previous rep, and alarm you if you get our of balance immediately.

7/30 Day Progress

It's important to know how well you're performing on the same weight week over week. Are you lifting the same weight faster, or slower? 3 colors make it easy to see if you're on track, if you're ready to level up the weight, or if you should take it easy for the day.

Monitor Fatigue

Manipulate different cutoff points and find out what works best for you. Research shows that more work, did NOT lead to better performance results.
An athlete before a game is not going to want to go all out, compared to his prep season.

You're training hard

You know how much weight you lift, and how it feels (RPE - your rate of perceived exertion). However, that's not enough info to inform you (or your coach) about how well you're lifting.

Calibrex's purpose is to quantify your performance, put a number on it. This will give you a deeper understanding of your daily readiness, and progress over time.

Start collecting your data and get personalized, actionable insights

Questions about the Logbook?

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