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It's the Calibrex 1.0

No strings attached - literally. Collect data and get real-time feedback anywhere.
You don't need to be an expert to use or interpret the data. It's super simple.

Calibrex 1.0
Device Design

Two pocket sized devices magnetically attach onto both ends of the barbell. Using lidar technology, the two devices track distance with millimeter precision.

iOS 📱

This is where the magic happens.
Get real-time feedback on velocity & bar balance and review your results after every workout session. Actionable insights right on your fingertips.


“Velocity based training is a great method for determining each athletes readiness for a days workload and using metrics is the only way to track”

Brad Hyde - Athletic Trainer | NYYankees

"Being able to track your metrics when training particularly with foundational barbell movements is potentially an invaluable tool that previously has only been available in high-tech physiology labs."

Dr. Joel Seedman on Calibrex
Dr. Joel Seedman | PhD - Kinesiology

“When training alone, is difficult to see your own shortfall or imbalances. This device is just the thing I’ve been looking for to push myself that much further”

Arthur Torrens | University NH Head Coach

Calibrex 1.0 is optimized for


Check out the full list of exercises & customize your own

Get your initialed handcrafted limited edition Calibrex 1.

Calibrex 1.0 - Calibrex
Calibrex 1.0
Calibrex 1.0
Calibrex 1.0 - Calibrex
Calibrex 1.0 - Calibrex
Calibrex 1.0 - Calibrex
Calibrex 1.0 - Calibrex
Calibrex 1.0 - Calibrex
Calibrex 1.0 - Calibrex
Calibrex 1.0 - Calibrex
Calibrex 1.0 - Calibrex
Calibrex 1.0 - Calibrex
Calibrex 1.0

Calibrex 1.0

During this limited edition launch, all Calibrex 1.0s are handcrafted in-house (in New York City), and will have your initials on! 🚀

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Real-time performance feedback anywhere, anytime.

Quantifying your workouts has never been easier. You know how much weight you lift, but do you know how well you lift it?

Unlock personalized actionable insights & progress tools to make a stronger you.

Empower your workout with effortless tracking to help you get and stay in the zone. Work directly against your previous performance and get personalized progress stats.

  • Precise velocity tracking made simple
  • Real-time audio feedback - stay in the zone
  • Access to the Smart Logbook
  • 2-week battery life - charges in less than 1hr
  • Bring it anywhere

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- No hustle returns & replacements

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