X1 measures distance 100 times per second with 3mm accuracy.

Calibrex is for anyone who takes training seriously. Anyone who wants to look, train, and perform like a professional athlete but doesn’t have the budget to pay for a professional coach. From performance metrics and workout tracking to motivation and accountability, Calibrex has you covered. Train at your absolute best with all of the number to prove it.

It’s easy. Just download the Calibrex app from the App Store, create an account, and pair your X1 devices. After that, all you need to do is turn on the devices, connect them to your barbell, and start working out! X1 will automatically detect new reps and sets, give real-time feedback through your headphones, and track your workouts. It will even tell you when you’re rest times are up or when you aren’t pushing hard enough!

Simple: Cost, Portability, Accuracy, and Features. First, Calibrex is 5x cheaper than any comparable fitness tracker. Second, our device is truly portable, just stick X1 in your pocket – no need for a gym bag. Third, the Calibrex app is more accurate than 99% of strength performance trackers, minus the overcomplicated setup. Finally, Calibrex tracks more than just reps and sets, it accurately tracks velocity and barbell balance while providing real-time audio cues to help you correct your lifts.

Calibrex helps you train like a professional athlete. What does that mean? It means that we make sure that every rep of every set is being completed, with perfect form, at peak intensity so you get the absolute most out of your workouts. Using our unique audio feedback, you can correct your form or intensity, mid-lift, just as if you had a professional athletic trainer.

We’re so glad you asked. There’s a lot of science supporting this training method, but it all boils down to one simple thing: on a day-to-day basis, the harder you push, the stronger you get. We’re not always feeling top-notch, the best way to track how hard we’re pushing is by checking barbell speed and comparing it to other lifts. Professional athletic trainers from organizations like the NY Yankees swear by this training metric to keep their athletes constantly improving.

The battery should last 3 weeks with moderate use or two months when used occasionally. If you care about this kind of thing, it uses a latching circuit that completely disconnects the battery when not in use, so it uses no power when it’s off like other devices do.

We currently offer Visa, Paypal and  Stripe payments.

Nope! The Calibrex app will turn down your music slightly like when using GPS in a car.

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Absolutely. Their sleek design help them save space when placed one on top of the other, and they won’t have a problem with turbulence.

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