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    What can Calibrex do for you?

    Velocity Training

    Fully optimize your training using our innovative velocity training.

    reps/sets tracker

    No need to worry about your rep or set count, we got you covered. Our smart devices detect every rep and set for each individual exercise.

    imbalance notification

    "BEEP" sound on the corresponding ear using headphones whenever the barbell is not level. Confidently focus on your intense workout without the need of a spotter.

    Our main VBT difference?

    More and more research is proving the benefits of VBT(Velocity Based Training). Having only one device/sensor on the barbell or a string attached, can only track the speed. Our patent-pending devices ensure that your form is also on point with REAL-TIME sound notifications. Our instant feedback features will let you know whenever the barbell is not level, the quality of your rep and more!

    How it works

    Velocity Based Training

    More and more professional athletes and coaches are understanding the importance of VBT (Velocity Based Training). We have created the most portable, convenient and affordable device to meet that demand.

    Rest Tracking

    Rest periods are crucial when it comes to weightlifting. The APP will time all your breaks and will notify you when it’s time to start a new set.

    Rep/Set & Data Tracker

    Rep/Set count with no physical input. The two devices track all your data when exercising and store it for you. Once you’re done with your workout, you’re able to access graphs, velocity charts and rep/set counts for every individual exercise you have performed. No more guessing.



    Getting instant feedback while working out is important. Was the rep that you just executed meeting your goal? Instantaneous feedback between reps has proven to increase performance.


    Snap the device on both ends of the barbell and just get to work.

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