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What can Calibrex do for your Team?

how the X1 platform helps your Athletes train better:

Form Correction

We track the balance of the bar and push audio cues to the athletes headphones when it's not level. Option for loud speaker when trainer is present.

Velocity Training

We show you how fast the last reps were, if optimal load is used, the only way to track intensity is through speed. Automatically see your athletes progress over time.

Reps/Sets Tracker

No need to record how many reps & sets your athletes are performing, we know how limited your time is. Week after week, keep up with their workouts - pencil-free. No more logging data in excel after a long workout!

Rest Automation

How long does each athlete rest between sets? We help you keep your athletes honest about their downtime. Different exercises,

How to Use X1:

Tacking your Athletes performance has never been easier

Step 1:

Clip X1 onto each end of a
barbell using rotating magnets

Step 2:

Athlete Performs Exercice
as They normally would

Step 3:

Get real-time audio feedback for Velocity, or adjust barbell position

Step 4:

Data gets saved automatically in real-time.
Review Velocity, Reps,
Sets, Rest Time, etc. in the App

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How to Get Your X1:

We're currently in pre-production and will be launching by the end of 2020.

In the meantime:


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