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how it works

Step 1: Quantify your fitness level

After tracking a few workouts you'll spot different trends in your training that you weren't aware of before.

🗣️ Most often users find that they:

  • Aren't consistent with rest times between sets.
  • Don't remember how many reps/sets and weight they did for the same exercise during their previous workout.
  • Were lifting less weight than they were capable of.
Step 2: Discover workouts for you

Calibrex recently launched a list of science proven, professionally curated workouts for all fitness levels.

Choose a workout based on the equipment you have available, if any – bodyweight only workouts are included.

This helps users:

  • Save time from planning workouts and keeping a logbook.
  • Keep it interesting and helps avoid overtraining the same muscle groups.
  • Get personalized results on effort.
Step 3: Get personalized insights

Be proud of your hard work!

The Calibrex workout summaries are meant to give you a high level overview of your entire workout – to view data in more detail head to the detailed workout summary page. You can save it to your camera roll and share it with friends and family or your coach.


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