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Educate, motivate, inspire new limits. Stand out by that paying attention to the details.

Designed to help trainers pay attention to what really matters

Organize your crew

Create athlete profiles

Send your clients a sign up form to automatically fill their details, or link their existing Calibrex account.

quickview user stats

  • See quick facts about the user
  • Plan upcoming sessions
  • Share workouts

plan ahead

  • Attach workouts from your coach templates
  • Add any necessary notes
  • You and your athlete optionally get reminder notifications or emails for upcoming sessions.
one calendar to rule them all

🦅 's eye view

your most important data in one place so you can always show up at 100%

  • Tap on any day to see quick facts.
  • Plan a session right from the home screen. You can both receive optional notification or email reminders.
  • Make sure to also stay active yourself. Practice what you preach!

Create workout templates in seconds

build your own templates

Pick from over 200 exercises

nail down the details

pay attention to the details

is your calendar as busy as you'd like it to be?

Know how many clients you train per month and how often each of them trains.

Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Calibrex 2 Exclusive Beta

Calibrex 2 Exclusive Beta

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Planning on tracking bodyweight exercises?

We back our Calibrex devices with a one year warranty, ensuring that any issues or problems will be promptly resolved.
This warranty is applicable if you purchased your Calibrex device directly through us and have an active membership. In such cases, our team will replace your device without any additional cost.
Terms and conditions apply.

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- No hustle returns & replacements

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