The magic magnet that tracks and analyzes every rep

What does it do?

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In-depth training feedback

Calibrex 2 tracks your reps, daily readiness, and power to deliver actionable insights on how you can optimize your training and get stronger, faster.

Over 1 million reps tracked and analyzed so far! The Calibrex 2 is the size of a battery, attaches to just about anything, and can track workouts beyond the weight room. HIIT workouts, pull ups, push ups, jump squats. You name it, we can track it.

Get more out of your training

Calibrex tracks rep speed, power and balance, and gives real-time audio feedback via sound. Two types of sounds let you know if you're lifting faster or slower than your previous rep, and alert you if you get out of balance.

It's important to know how well you're performing on the same weight week over week. Are you lifting the same weight faster or slower? Our color system lets you know if you're on track, if you're ready to level up the weight, or if you should take it easy for the day.

Manipulate different rest and recovery points and find out what works best for you. Research shows that more work does NOT lead to better performance results.
An athlete before a competition is not going to want to go all out, compared to his or her prep season. 

Do you time your rests between sets? Probably not, because it's a hassle. We make it easy by doing it for you. Optimize your performance by resting just the right amount.

Calibrex 2

The result of feedback from hundreds of athletes and over 1 million reps? An ultra-portable smart magnet that tracks any exercise and fits in your pocket.

universities using Calibrex to train smarter

Train Smarter
Make more out of every training session
Plan | Execute | Win
Are you a coach?

Training multiple
athletes simultaneously is difficult.

You need to preplan the entire workout, be laser-focused during, and log the events post workout. The more athletes, the harder it gets to give individual attention and feedback.

Calibrex 2 will automatically measure and analyze all your athletes' performance, allowing you to focus on what really matters: Athlete progress.

Become a better coach | Up your coaching
Personalize your Coaching

Better manage athlete performance, fatigue and readiness.

Build teams, organize athletes, train athletes remotely or build groups to compare stats with friends.

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No subscriptions whatsoever. Just a one time payment to unlock all features.

Yes! You will be able to directly compare your stats and easily switch between sets if you're sharing a device or use the sharing feature to share your workout history anywhere you want.

Calibrex 2 uses Bluetooth to connect to the Calibrex App.
A combination of accelerometers can now detect movements on all planes, which means unlike the Calibrex 1.0, the new Calibrex 2 does not require to be facing the floor at all times.

Calibrex 2 tracks all your exercises. From equipment like barbells, kettlebells, gym machines to bodyweight HIIT sessions.

Yes! Both iOS and Android apps are launching simoultaneously. We wouldn't do you like that...

Yes you can. In fact, the new Calibrex app will have a brand new Teams section. You can create multiple Team Groups consisting of the same or different athletes.

The battery is designed to last for one week or about 4-5 full workout sessions.

Absolutely! The brand new Calibrex app will let you to share your stats via your phones native sharing feature to friends, your coach or social media.


As high performers, our early community and the Calibrex team are devoted to challenging what used to be extremely expensive and inaccessible technology and bringing it to the hands of athletes, everywhere - unlocking access to specific key metrics to assess and optimize training while making confident and informed decisions.

Designing and upgrading the Calibrex systems has always one thing in mind: athletes' progress.

It's not just in the technology, it's in the people that use it.