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Who We Are and Why We're Building This

We're Philip and Nick, an ex European champion 🏸 turned entrepreneur and a nerdy bodybuilder 🏋️ who builds tech products. We came together to create the best personal trainer on earth and make it accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to democratize fitness technology: take all the expensive, gatekept tech and techniques that pro athletes use and give them to everybody. We use the latest in science-backed fitness research and experience of global thought leaders to make getting fit a sure thing.

Our goal at Calibrex is to use the latest technologies to do everything a world-class personal trainer can do but better, cheaper, and faster making your journey to your fitness goals as easy as it can be.

Our Story

Our free iOS and Android app is a personal trainer in your pocket:

1. Plans: Choose from dozens of science-backed, carefully curated workouts

2. Live Training: View live data as you train and get real-time feedback

3. Progress Tracking: Review your progress over time and stay accountable to your fitness goals

4. Social Sharing: Share your workouts and insights with friends on your favorite social platforms

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