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Objective feedback on every rep

Join hundreds of athletes and coaches using Calibrex 1.0
to make better informed training decisions - track reps, bar velocity,
balance and get real-time feedback.

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The all-new way to monitor performance

Calibrex 1.0 Features | Bar Speed/Power
Bar Speed/Power

Calibrex 1.0 will track bar speed, power and balance, and give real-time audio feedback via sound. 2 types of sounds let you know if you're lifting faster or slower than your previous rep, and alarm you if you get our of balance immediately.

Calibrex 1.0 Features | Weekly Progress
7/30 Day Progress

It's important to know how well you're performing on the same weight week over week. Are you lifting the same weight faster, or slower? 3 colors make it easy to see if you're on track, if you're ready to level up the weight, or if you should take it easy for the day.

Calibrex 1.0 Features | Fatigue monitoring
Fatigue Controll

Manipulate different cutoff points and find out what works best for you. Research shows that more work, did NOT lead to better performance results.
An athlete before a game is not going to want to go all out, compared to his prep season. 

Calibrex 1.0

Two pocket sized devices magnetically attach onto both ends of the barbell. Using lidar technology, the two devices track distance with millimeter precision.

Ios 📱

This is where all your valuable data lives.
Get real-time feedback on velocity & bar balance and review your results after every workout session. Actionable insights right at your fingertips.

Step 1

Pair devices

Step 2

Attach devices

Step 3


Step 4

Review performance
Smarter. Faster. Stronger.
it's you vs old you

Understand your baseline for each exercise and work smarter to hit your goals. Take advantage of those days that feel like the weight's moving easier, and play it safer on the days that it doesn't.

"Setting the right goals is good, but achieving them is more important."

Train Smarter
Measure progress after every session


As high performers, our early community and the Calibrex team are devoted to challenging what used to be extremely expensive and inaccessible technology and bringing it to the hands of athletes, everywhere - unlocking access to specific key metrics to assess and optimize training while making confident and informed decisions.

Designing and upgrading the Calibrex systems has always one thing in mind: athletes' progress.

It's not just in the technology, it's in the people that use it.

4 interest-free payments of $47.25
Train Now. pay later.

Finance your Calibrex 1.0 over time with Affirm. Let the gains begin 🦾

Are you a coach?

Training multiple
athletes simultaneously is difficult.

You need to preplan the entire workout, be
lazer-focused during, and log the events post workout. The more athletes the harder it gets to focus on each athlete individually.

Calibrex 1.0 will automatically measure and analyze all your athletes performance, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Individual athlete progress.

build your team or train clients

Athlete Roster

Controlling an entire team has never been easier.
Add new athletes with 1 click

Session Analysis

Get detailed analytics from every single rep.

Team Multipacks

Get free access to Teams version of the Calibrex Smart Logbook
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Calibrex 1.0 x4

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