Calibrex coach analyzing data
Actionable insights
In real-time & post workout
Real-time data & feedback
Track velocity

The Calibrex App measures velocity for both concentric and eccentric movements.
Are you lifting the same weight from last week faster? Green light - that means you're ready to level up.

In just
6 weeks

Review your results

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Calibrex 1.0

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Real-time performance feedback anywhere, anytime.

Quantifying your workouts has never been easier. You know how much weight you lift, but do you know how well you lift it?

Unlock personalized actionable insights & progress tools to make a stronger you.

Empower your workout with effortless tracking to help you get and stay in the zone. Work directly against your previous performance and get personalized progress stats.

  • Precise velocity tracking made simple
  • Real-time audio feedback - stay in the zone
  • Access to the Smart Logbook
  • 2-week battery life - charges in less than 1hr
  • Bring it anywhere