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March Batch Launch

Each Calibrex 2 is hand assembled in Manhattan, New York.

This batch will consist of 217* of our newest hardware upgrades

New batch starts shipping on March 5th.

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Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)
Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)
Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)
Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)
Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)
Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)
Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)
Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)
Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)
Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)

Calibrex Clip (Bodyweight)

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Calibrex 2 - Calibrex
Hit PR after PR
Daily targets based on your previous performance

get more out of your training

Train Smarter

Calibrex tracks rep speed, power, rest times and gives real-time feedback. Audio cues let you know if you're lifting faster or slower than your previous rep - helping you get one more rep.

Get stronger

It's important to know how well you're performing on the same weight week over week. Are you lifting the same weight faster or slower? Our color system lets you know if you're on track, if you're ready to level up the weight, or if you should take it easy for the day.

Stay in the zone

Manipulate different rest and recovery points and find out what works best for you. Research shows that more work does NOT lead to better performance results.
An athlete before a competition is not going to want to train to failure, compared to his or her prep season. 

Optimize rest between sets

Do you time your rests between sets? Probably not, because it's a hassle. We make it easy by doing it for you. Optimize your performance by resting just the right amount.

Get Calibrex 2

Hear what the pros have to say

“Velocity based training is a great method for determining each athletes readiness for a days workload and using metrics is the only way to track”

Brad Hyde - Athletic Trainer | NYYankees

"Being able to track your metrics when training particularly with foundational barbell movements is potentially an invaluable tool that previously has only been available in high-tech physiology labs."

Dr. Joel Seedman on Calibrex
Dr. Joel Seedman | PhD - Kinesiology

“When training alone, is difficult to see your own shortfall or imbalances. This device is just the thing I’ve been looking for to push myself that much further”

Arthur Torrens | University NH Head Coach

No strings attached - literally. Collect data and get real-time feedback anywhere. The Calibrex 2 is super portable.

Let them know you're serious
A polite way to let others know you mean business
size accurate comparison

Ultra portable

The Calibrex 2 is truly a magic magnet. At roughly the size of your thumb, it can track hundreds of exercises, including barbell, dumbbell, HIIT and bodyweight.

Fitness trackers are great. Knowing how many steps you did or how many calories you burnt is cool, but that doesn't help us understand our progress when it comes to exercising – Calibrex 2 aims to change that.

Arrive to the gym with a plan
Don't get stuck in a plateau

Hit Pr after pr

Keep getting small wins in key exercises by having context of your previous sessions and setting the right goal based on your daily readiness.

Your personalized performance coach

packed with coaching features and curated workouts

The Calibrex app helps you plan, execute, win! (by win we mean make progress).

Start your session informed, train with live feedback and review your workout analytics like a pro.

Preparation is 🔑


By the time you fuel up on that pre workout banana or favorite supplement, you can review your workout history and get in the right mindset before your workout.

Since now you'll know how much you've lifted for any given exercise during the last few sessions, you can easily go for the right weight based on your readiness.

made with ❤️ in nyc

Founder's note


On a mission to democratize fitness tech.

As a community of high performers, both our early members and the Calibrex team are dedicated to democratizing cutting-edge technology that was once only accessible to professional athletes and sports teams with unlimited budgets.

By providing access to essential performance metrics, we aim to help athletes of all levels assess and optimize their training, empowering them to make better informed training decisions.

Our top priority when designing and improving the Calibrex systems is to support athletes in their pursuit of progress.

It's not just in the technology,
it's in the people that use it.

Philip K & Nick J
Founders | Calibrex