Time Under Tension🤝 Gains

Going off of reps and sets alone (especially if not a complete beginner) means you’re missing a big piece of the picture for hypertrophy.

Here’s where paying more attention to the time you spend under tension during your workouts can lead to serious gains.

In this video we’re demonstrating what your typical 3 reps look like vs 3 reps paying a more attention to TuT.

Are you able to spot the differences? The same set can have 10 times more time under tension - that’s pretty insane if you think about applying that in the longer term.

Ever notice that basketball players usually have massive shoulders? That’s not because they’re spamming the overhead press machine, but because they spend countless hours with their arms raised above their heads. This sounds just like the point we made in the last paragraph - a lot of time spent under the tension of their own arms.
Similar thing can be observed with runners or cyclists and their calves.

At the moment, it’s near impossible unless you sit there with a stopwatch every rep/set...it’s tooo much.

Doing our part to help you automate that process so you can see exactly what your time under tension was for the month instead of just your reps and sets which you’re already tracking but isn’t making you better.

Let’s go 💪

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