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The most well-known concept in the strength and conditioning world is the SAID principle — specific adaptations to imposed demands. Your body will adapt to the challenges you put in front of it. Runners grow dense capillary beds in their legs to improve blood flow. Weightlifters develop fast twitch muscle fibers to lift enormous weights with explosive power. Seems like common sense, right? We know that specific training is essential to high-level performance, but how can we maximize it with modern technology?


VBT offers the opportunity to train with the top-notch precision required to unlock elite adaptations like power, speed, and strength. Coaches can program velocity ranges to help athletes peak at the right time and test daily readiness to adjust sessions accordingly.


Quality Control


With VBT, you have more control over your programming than ever before. Coaches can set minimum velocities to prevent eager lifters from choosing excessive weight. You can select a velocity range to stimulate muscle growth, power output, or absolute strength changes. 


For example:

  • "Use as much weight as you like but don't go under 0.5 m/s for any rep."


  • "Choose a weight that you can lift between 0.5 - 0.4m/s."


Calibrex offers live feedback that drives maximum effort and engagement with each repetition. When evaluated, athletes put their best foot forward. With VBT, you can see the quality of your athletes' lifts and gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. To get the biggest bang for your buck, have athletes compete with themselves and their friends on new PRs like power output and best rep velocity!


Readiness to Perform


Coaches can do daily 1-RM testing within the flow of their workout by comparing best rep velocities (BRV) between sessions. Keep track of BRV for specific lifts to get an idea of your athletes' readiness to perform for the day. Adjust if you see significant improvement or reduction in BRV from one workout to the next.


If you see > 10% improvement, increase the weight, add a set, or add a few reps. Your goal is to determine what's working and double down on it. Consider factors like training style, sleep, nutrition, stress, etc.


If you see > 10 % reduction, decrease weight, drop a set, and lower the reps. Your goal is to prioritize recovery. Look into factors like sleep, nutrition, stress, and training frequency to find out what is holding them back.

Are you ready to program like a professional with VBT?

Kobe is currently a physical therapy student on pace to receive his doctorate in 2023. He has coaching experience ranging from teaching athletes in a division I weight room to helping stroke survivors climb a flight of stairs. Growing up in a fitness family Kobe has always been immersed in learning different ways to help people reach their fitness goals.
"I grew up with two bodybuilders and a division one soccer player. For the past decade, I've been a sponge learning as much as I can. Now, I'm excited to share those lessons with you."
Kobe Robinson | Calibrex Author
Kobe Robinson​​

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