Are you ready to take your vertical jump to new heights? Velocity-based training (VBT) is the secret weapon you've been looking for! By harnessing the power of speed and intensity, VBT can turbocharge your jumping ability and propel you to new heights – quite literally! Remember, VBT is not all about training fast, but it is the case when training for explosiveness. If you’re new here, check out another piece we wrote on VBT.

Step 1: Set the Bar with Baseline Measurements

Every great journey begins with a clear starting point - in order to measure progress you’d need to first measure your current vertical jump performance to establish your baseline. This crucial step will help you track your progress as you embark on your VBT adventure. Would you use the Calibrex app to measure your vertical jump? Give this an upvote on 

Step 2: Choose Jump-Boosting Exercises

Prepare to spring into action! Select exercises that specifically target the muscles involved in vertical jumping. From classic squats and deadlifts to explosive box jumps and plyometrics – these power-packed moves will lay the foundation for your soaring success.

Step 3: Discover Your Velocity Zones

Velocity zones are like speed highways leading to your ultimate jumping potential. Uncover the "accelerative strength" and "strength-speed" zones, your golden ticket to explosive and dynamic gains in vertical jump performance. Leave a comment below if you’d like to see a dedicated post on velocity zones.

Step 4: Enter the Velocity Tracker

Equip yourself with the latest tech wizardry – the Calibrex 2! The cutting edge form factor allows you to clip the device on your waistband, shirt, sock or sports bra and test your vertical jumps with no friction. Who wants to carry a box with a string to carry around?

Step 5: Dare to Set Velocity Targets

Gamify your workouts and crush your goals with precision! Set specific velocity targets for each exercise, custom-tailored to your unique abilities and aspirations. Stay motivated as you aim for those thrilling speed benchmarks during box jumps, squats, and more. If you’re using a Calibrex, it’s super easy to set it up and get real-time feedback. First, you already know what your best scores are from previous tests. All you need to do is set a new speed target before you start the exercise.

Calibrex dual view live trainer & setting vbt target speeds on app

Step 6: Dial in the Intensity

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all training percentages! With VBT, you have the power to fine-tune your intensity levels. Lift with a velocity-based approach, where every rep counts, ensuring you push yourself to just the right degree – not too little, not too much, but just right.

Example: If you’re training before a big game, you don’t want to reach high fatigue levels (>40%) which would require longer recovery times. You’d do a lighter workout and end sets at a lower fatigue level (15-25%).

Step 7: Visualize progress

Witness firsthand how your jump height and movement velocity surge to greater heights. If you encounter plateaus, fear not – adjust your strategy and keep reaching for new gains.

Step 8: Periodize your training, monitor and adjust

Implement periodization principles to progressively overload your training. This involves gradually increasing the complexity, intensity, and volume of your workouts over time to optimize adaptation.

Real-time monitoring of velocity during training sessions is crucial. Aim to consistently hit or exceed the targeted velocity threshold for each exercise. If you consistently surpass the threshold, consider increasing the load or intensity. Conversely, if you consistently fall short, consider reducing the load or intensity.

Step 9: Recover and Thrive

Remember, even champions need their rest. Embrace recovery, allow your muscles to rejuvenate after exhilarating VBT sessions. Strike the perfect balance between hard work and well-deserved relaxation. 

Ready to defy gravity with velocity-based training? Trust the process, stay focused, and let your vertical jump increase to new heights. Remember, the journey is just as rewarding as the destination – embrace the thrill of becoming the ultimate vertical leap powerhouse!

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