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Introducing Your New Measuring Stick

Many coaches use one rep-max testing as a way to measure lifting progress. The problem is that it can be time-consuming, draining, and often risky. Yes, you know how much your athletes can lift. But, nothing tells you how well they lifted it.

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How to easily progress on weight using Calibrex

Struggling to Program? Here's a Simple System for Progressing Weight (Setting Velocity Targets)

Tracking workout progress with sets, reps, and weight is typical for anyone serious about lifting. The problem is that it often feels like guesswork. Effectively programming is a tall task for coaches and athletes alike. With velocity-based training, you can take the guesswork out of your programming and know what went down in the weight room. A simple system for progressing weight is to set a velocity target.

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Calibrex | Two ways to track bar balance progress

Start With Single Leg Lifts + Two Ways to Track Bar Balance Progress

Do you feel a bit off balance when you're lifting? Think that one leg is working harder than the other? Notice twisting during your squat or deadlift? If you answered yes, then I'm sure you realize how tough it is to know what's straight when you've been practicing a certain way for so long. Receiving instant feedback is helpful in making those changes stick. The problem is, many people don’t always have a gym friend to help maintain their form. Wouldn't it be nice if someone was there to help you adjust and stay symmetrical through a lift?

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Why track your workout data? | Calibrex

Why track workout data?

There are two simple ways to track progress in the gym. Add more weight, add more reps. Obvious, right? For most people this is enough, but something is missing for you. You feel like there's more to it than that. There has to be! Turns out you're completely right, something is missing.

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What is Velocity Based Training | Calibrex

What is Velocity Based Training (VBT)

In this post, we're breaking down what Velocity Based Training is, and why you should care.

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Prepare for your next workout with Calibrex

How can data prepare you for your next workout

Advancements in technology have helped shift our society to a more connected, data-driven day-to-day. You use your phone to keep track of your friends, your bank account, and life-changing decisions, every day. So why shouldn't you use it to make the most out of your workout, too?

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How to increase your vertical leap by 5% in just 6 weeks 🚀 - Calibrex

How to increase your vertical leap by 5% in just 6 weeks 🚀

Real-time objective feedback has scientifically proven to enhance training performance in just 6 weeks. Feedback is used to drive motivation, and increase lifting intent and competition. It’s important to note all participants were professional rugby players and Mr. Nic Gil - New Zealand...

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Improve jump performance with augmented feedback - immediate benefits and long-term training effects 🏋️ - Calibrex

Improve jump performance with augmented feedback - immediate benefits and long-term training effects 🏋️

Feedback is 🔑 As athletes, getting good quality feedback is extremely important. We want to know if and how much we’re improving over time and how we’re doing compared to the competition.Athletes can now, easier than ever, get real-time feedback...

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Michael Boyle on VBT (Velocity Based Training) - Calibrex

Michael Boyle on VBT (Velocity Based Training)

After first meeting with @michael_boyle1959 about 6 months ago, we came back to @mbscofficial to get Michael’s feedback on our progress and had a great discussion on monitoring velocity, his ideal tool for MBSC, and more. Tune into the conversation...

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