Not Tracking Workout Data? You're Missing Out.

There are two simple ways to track progress in the gym. Add more weight, add more reps. Obvious, right? For most people this is enough, but something is missing for you. You feel like there's more to it than that. There has to be!

Turns out you're completely right, something is missing.

It's common to know how MUCH you can lift over time, but nothing tells you how WELL you are lifting that weight. Research has shown that lifting harder does not equal better results. Instead, you must lift smarter.

I'm going to share a simple tool you can use to do exactly that.

The rest of this article will explain why you should pay attention to your best rep velocity and how you can use it to achieve new heights.

Get buckled in, we're going for a ride.

Lift with Powerful Intentions.

One of the advantages of VBT is instant feedback after every rep. You are constantly competing with your best self. Set a velocity cutoff for each rep and be notified if you failed or succeeded to hit it.

  • See a green light and you're on pace
  • See a red light and you're short of the target

After two consecutive red lights, stop the set and recover for the next one.

You could lift the same weight and reps for four weeks straight and see major changes in the quality of your lifts just by watching your best rep velocity. That way, when you decide to increase weight or reps, you'll be prepared to dominate the new challenge.

No matter what you're training for, every athlete thrives from competition. Track your best rep velocity each set and crush your previous PRs.

Ready or Not?

Everyone has bad days. Sometimes you feel lethargic and know your workout will reflect it. Best rep velocity is a great indicator of how well your body is prepared to perform that day.

If you complete your first two sets and your best rep velocity is significantly lower than usual (~10%) you will want to lower your weekly workload and prioritize recovery. Focus on improving sleep, nutrition, and stressors.

If you complete your first two sets and your best rep velocity has reached new heights, then you're golden. Spend some time identifying what is helping you the most and double down on it.

Knowledge is Power.

Gathering stats over time is a habit that all lifters wish they had at some point. Think about when you first started lifting compared to now. Maybe that's a few weeks ago or even a few decades. Either way, it would be fun to go back and look at how much and how well you lifted over time.

By using the Calibrex app, you can track data from all your training blocks to see what works and what doesn’t. We make it quick and easy for you to get the absolute most out of your sessions. A simple and proven way to do so is by tracking your best rep velocity.


  • Live feedback provides a competitive environment to bring the best out of your sessions.
  • Best rep velocity tells you how prepared your body is to workout that day.
  • Follow stats like best rep velocity to track progress after a training block.

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