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Struggling to make PE classes fun for students or keep their attention for longer?

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To maintain the highest quality experience, we're only onboarding 10 schools per month.

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Every single student can benefit

tiny but mighty

Enhance every students visit to your PE facility. Each student can grab a Calibrex 2 on their way in, freely move it around and track every exercise seamlessly. Calibrex will take care of the rest.

Each student gets a high end personalized experience

Tracks every exercise, takes up no space.

Build an environment that cultivates performance progression and be one of the top schools in the country to be equipped with Calibrex 2.

Each student gets access

The Calibrex 2 4pack is so portable that you can place it anywhere you think makes the most sense for your classes.

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Pair up and start lifting

Your students will simply pair up Calibrex 2 to their phones in seconds and can get right to work.

Your PE class secret weapon

Provide the ultimate personalized experience to each student and gamify each session.

Go way beyond "3 sets of 10" and set real-time targets for your clients based on their data alone and create personalized plans for them to follow.

Schools using Calibrex have seen increased interest from students to do more PE classes.

To maintain the highest quality experience, we're only onboarding 10 schools per month.

2 Spots left for May.


Calibrex 2 is the first exercise tracker designed for physical exercise.

We've found that most fitness trackers focus mainly on cardiovascular metrics and steps but nothing that can really help us understand our progress in the gym. Calibrex brings technology that currently only pro athletes in pro sports facilities have, it a portable and affordable form factor.

Calibrex 2 uses magnets to attach onto many types of equipment including: any metal, good quality barbell, any gym machine with a weight stack, free weights when using the Calibrex Wristband and bodyweight when using the Calibrex Body Clip.

The Calibrex 2 was designed after collecting 1M reps with Calibrex 1, and working with over 1,620 users, collecting vigorous feedback, to create the most seamless, frictionless experience during exercise.

Each Calibrex 2 does not lock down with one account once paired - which means every one of your students can use it and benefit.

The battery is designed to last about one week or 5 one hour sessions.

Now that users finally have objective numbers for each performed rep and set in the past, you can know at exactly what speed you usually move certain weight (i.e. you know that you can bench 135lbs at 0.75m/s. If today you're feeling strong, you should try to set a target speed a bit higher than that, or increase your weight by 5-10lbs, and try to maintain that speed.)

The live trainer will show a blue color if you pass the speed target, or orange if you don't. You'll know in real-time.

By experimenting with your own load/speed relationship, you can uncover tons of lifting habits you otherwise wouldn't be able to pay attention to.