It's plug and play


The Calibrex app has dozens of professionally curated workouts for all fitness levels, based on the equipment you have available and muscle groups you want to target.

You can always create your own workouts and exercises, create supersets and utilize velocity based training tools for your key lifts.

2. Place your Calibrex 2

Place your Calibrex 2 on the equipment you're about to use, and train as you normally would.

The Calibrex 2 itself is magnetic and can attach on any barbell, kettlebell or gym machine. Then 2 specially designed attachments, the Calibrex Wristband and Calibrex Clip help you track free weight exercises(i.e. dumbbells, snatches) and bodyweight(i.e. pushups, pull ups).

3. Get liftin'

The Calibrex 2 will automatically track every rep. You can progress through your entire workout by simply pressing the button on the device to start and end your sets, or via the Calibrex app and optionally get real-time velocity based training tools for your key lifts.

4. do the same workouts with friends and compare stats

Run through the same workouts with your bestie or compete with your gym bro ⚡️

establish your baseline &
crush your goals faster

Understand your performance on a whole new level with an exercise tracker that helps you optimize your workouts.

Utilize tech currently only used by pro athletes to make better informed training decisions.

From reps to rest times to daily targets, Calibrex 2 tracks all your workout metrics to help you make better informed training decisions.

Calibrex 2 gives you all the perks of a personal trainer, without the hefty price tag 🏷️

  • Know if you're lifting enough/too much weight
  • Which resting times between sets are optimal for you?
  • Know your fitness level so you can appropriately adjust workout goals based on your daily readiness
kNOW WHERE YOU STAND with personalized coaching

What are we hitting today?!

Preplan workouts and get straight to work when you're ready for your workout.

◉ Keeps you honest.
◉ Intuitive progress summaries and feedback.
◉ Helps you analyze your habits


Calibrex elite coach & custom workouts

◉ Get instant feedback on each rep to stay on top of every set.
◉ Optionally set speed targets to gamify your workout experience.
◉ Change the workout sequence or add/subtract sets.
◉ Stay in the zone. No distractions.

high level workout review

are you stronger than last month?

Calibrex sums up your most important metrics to help you visualize progress and prevent the dreaded plateau.

Sharing your stats with your coach or friends takes seconds.


Life's too short for random workouts

Athletes don't do random workouts, neither should you.

Get fit faster with Calibrex 2.