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Your Personal Strength Trainer

1. Plans: Choose from dozens of science-backed, carefully curated workouts

2. Live Training: View live data as you train and get real-time feedback

3. Progress Tracking: Review your progress over time and stay accountable to your fitness goals

4. Social Sharing: Share your workouts and insights with friends on your favorite social platforms

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Science proven, professionally curated (and sometimes fun) workouts for all fitness levels. Free on the Calibrex App.
A few examples:

Total Body Barbell Strength

Lower Body Strength

Free Weight Upper Body Focus

Bro Split 1 | Push

Bro Split 2 | Pull

Bro Split 3 | Legs

Full Body Tone

Complete Home Workout

Full Body Machines

Visualize Your Progress On Key Lifts

Utilize real-time performance cues to level up your key lifts

Fits Anywhere

The Calibrex 2 weighs <10 grams and is smaller than your thumb


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

What is Calibrex?

Calibrex 2 is the first exercise tracker designed for physical exercise.

We've found that most fitness trackers focus mainly on cardiovascular metrics and steps but nothing that can really help us understand our progress in the gym. Calibrex brings technology that currently only pro athletes in pro sports facilities have, in a portable and affordable form factor.

How long does the battery last?

The battery is designed to last about one week or 4 one hour sessions.

Do you have a warranty?

Every Calibrex 2 comes with a Calibrex™️ 1yr warranty.

We back our Calibrex devices with a one year warranty, ensuring that any issues or problems will be promptly resolved.

This warranty is applicable if you purchased your Calibrex device directly through us and have an active membership. In such cases, our team will replace your device without any additional cost.

Are there any subscriptions?

Nope, no subscriptions or fees whatsoever. Just a one time payment to unlock the Calibrex 2, Calibrex app and any new feature that comes out.

What metrics does the Calibrex 2 track?

The Calibrex 2 tracks:

  • Reps/Sets
  • Rep Speed (m/s) & Power (w)
  • Rest Times
  • Speed Loss (Fatigue Monitoring)
  • Calories Burnt

New features are released on the app very often with the help of each Calibrex 2 Beta User™️. Perks include access to feature requesting and early access.

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