Unleash Your Vertical Jump Potential with Velocity-Based Training

Unleash Your Vertical Jump Potential with Velocity-Based Training!

Velocity-based training (VBT) is the secret weapon you've been looking for! By harnessing the power of speed and intensity, VBT can turbocharge your jumping ability and propel you to new heights – quite literally! Remember, VBT is not all about training fast, but it is the case when training for explosiveness. If you’re new here, check out another piece we wrote on VBT.


1: Set the Bar with Baseline Measurements
2: Choose Jump-Boosting Exercises
3: Discover Your Velocity Zones
4: Enter the Velocity Tracker
5: Dare to Set Velocity Targets
6: Dial in the Intensity
7: Visualize progress
8: Periodize your training, monitor and adjust
9: Recover and Thrive

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Man lifting weights

Introducing Your New Measuring Stick

Many coaches use one rep-max testing as a way to measure lifting progress. The problem is that it can be time-consuming, draining, and often risky. Yes, you know how much your athletes can lift. But, nothing tells you how well they lifted it.

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Man lifting weights

How Can VBT Accelerate Strength Gains?

Absolute strength relies heavily on the coordination between your nervous system and your muscles. Your brain dictates when and how many muscle fibers fire and your muscles do their best to match the demands.With time and practice, those firing patterns become more efficient and fine-tuned to complete the task. Using VBT, you can crush strength records by maximizing neuromuscular adaptations. A lifter familiar with a specific movement will recruit muscle fibers in a more effective pattern than an inexperienced lifter. Notice high-level lifters have little to no wasted motion in their reps. They reinforced their mind-to-muscle connection repeatedly to perform with top-notch quality.

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Calibrex VBT | Program like a professional

Coaches, Program like a Professional with VBT

With dozens of athletes to keep track of, it seems like a tall task for all of them to train at similar exertion levels. Many times, you have to trust that upperclassmen will lead the freshman through the process. Now don’t get me wrong, a strong team culture will enhance weight room sessions. But, there’s an easier way to get everyone on the same page. Here’s how you can use VBT to program with clarity:

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Prevent injury with vbt

Reduce injury risk with velocity based training (vbt)

As a coach or an athlete, you want to ensure your training environment is safe and challenging for everyone involved. With VBT, you can adapt your sessions to any skill level and promote the same athletic adaptations.

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How to easily progress on weight using Calibrex

Struggling to Program? Here's a Simple System for Progressing Weight (Setting Velocity Targets)

Tracking workout progress with sets, reps, and weight is typical for anyone serious about lifting. The problem is that it often feels like guesswork. Effectively programming is a tall task for coaches and athletes alike. With velocity-based training, you can take the guesswork out of your programming and know what went down in the weight room. A simple system for progressing weight is to set a velocity target.

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Calibrex | Two ways to track bar balance progress

Start With Single Leg Lifts + Two Ways to Track Bar Balance Progress

Do you feel a bit off balance when you're lifting? Think that one leg is working harder than the other? Notice twisting during your squat or deadlift? If you answered yes, then I'm sure you realize how tough it is to know what's straight when you've been practicing a certain way for so long. Receiving instant feedback is helpful in making those changes stick. The problem is, many people don’t always have a gym friend to help maintain their form. Wouldn't it be nice if someone was there to help you adjust and stay symmetrical through a lift?

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Avoid overtraining with velocity cutoffs

How to Use Velocity Cutoffs

If you're guilty of overtraining, the number you need to pay attention to is velocity loss within a set. Velocity loss is the speed change from your fastest to your slowest rep. You can influence recovery speed and athletic adaptations if you manipulate velocity loss.

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Load velocity profile

Build your personalized athletic profile

Athletic profiles are the foundation of VBT. Profiles are a collection of your athletic abilities organized into a simple graph. Elite athletes use this all the time to maximize every rep. Now with VBT technology, you can use it too.

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