Velocity based training

Get real-time feedback on every rep on the Calibrex app

VBT made simple.

Start and end your sets by pressing the power button on the device.

Start your set and get straight to lifting. The app will automatically start picking up your reps.


Speed (m/s)

Get real time velocity data

Set speed targets for your key lifts. Now that you're training smarter with Calibrex, you know at what speeds you can lift certain weight at, which means you can adjust based on your daily readiness, or even control your fatigue levels.

Additional metrics

What users say about vbt on calibrex

"Velocity based training is a great method for determining each athletes readiness for a days workload and using metrics is the only way to track"

Brad Hyde | Athletic Trainer @ NY Yankees

"Amazing product. Velocity based training is made super simple with the use of the Calibrex system. It has allowed some of my athletes to take more ownership of their programs. They can follow their progress in real time."

Robert L | Calibrex user

"Being able to track your metrics when training particularly with foundational barbell movements is potentially an invaluable tool that previously has only been available in high-tech physiology labs."

Dr. Joel Seedman on Calibrex
Dr. Joel Seedman | PhD Kinesiology

"When training alone, is difficult to see your own shortfall or imbalances. This device is just the thing I've been looking for to push myself that much further"

Arthur Torrens | Head coach @ NH University

"Calibrex is the leader in wireless Velocity Based Training (VBT) devices! It interfaces nicely with the phone app and tracks all the data I could ever want for lifting"

Rand M, DO, MS | Calibrex user

"Amazing device, shipped super quickly and adds more to my training. I use this for powerlifting and tracking my workouts, this has allowed me to perform optimally. The team are fantastic and their customer service is amazing!"

Gianluka K | Calibrex user

"Really helps calculate the weight you should be doing at the rate that it should move. It helped me be smarter on the weight that I should add. It improved my performance and will continue to improve in the long run with this product!"

Hector H | Calibrex user

"Cheaper than most velocity tracker on the market. Portable and easy to set up. Active communication between development team and users."

Jack C | Calibrex user