What is Velocity Based Training?


Velocity Based Training (VBT) is a lifting strategy designed to give instant feedback on the QUALITY of your reps.


Everyone is familiar with tracking reps, sets, and weight. There's tons of information on tracking the quantity of your workouts, but almost nothing on the quality.


VBT is a simple tool that shows how WELL you performed.


Athletes have been using this for decades to maximize their sessions in the gym.


By measuring how fast you lift a certain weight, you can see your bar speed and power for each rep, set, and workout.


Okay, why does that matter?


VBT shares valuable insights that guide you towards your athletic goals quickly.


Here are some examples:

  • Test your 1RM daily without actually lifting it.

  • Hit more PR's in new categories like speed, power, and range of motion.

  • Get instant feedback on every rep so you can adjust and maximize sessions.


No More Wasted Time.


Keep track of the quality and quantity of your lifts, so you know exactly what is going on during your workouts. Calibrex makes it easy to see the important numbers and understand how well you are performing that day. By comparing data over time, you can see what patterns lead to a great session and others that lead to burnout. Learn about your body. Manage your workload. Limit sluggish days at the gym.



Break New Records.


You know that feeling when you hit a new record? It's pure satisfaction when that weight seemingly flies up from the floor. With VBT you'll soon realize there are more records to break than reps and weight. Speed, power, and range of motion are useful metrics that apply directly to every athletic event.


  • A sprinter needs explosive power to accelerate out of the blocks.

  • A weightlifter needs elastic range of motion to catch and lockout enormous weights

  • A boxer needs vicious speed to move away from punches and quickly unload his own.


With VBT you can identify your weaknesses and track your progress as they become strengths.



You are Your Own Competition.


One of the best advantages of VBT is that instant feedback drives you to lift with powerful intentions.

  • You see the green light and know what you need to do for the next rep.

  • You see the red light and push harder to improve.


Every athlete thrives on competition.


Compete against your best self with VBT.


There's no better tool for showing how WELL you're lifting today compared to other days.





VBT is the modern solution to maximizing your workouts consistently. Here are three takeaways.


Velocity Based Training:

  • Measures the quality of your workout.

  • Allows you to train for more speed, power, and range of motion in your lifts.

  • Gives Instant feedback to bring the best out of you.



Stay Tuned...

In the next post, we will be discussing how to create a Load-Velocity profile

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