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Advancements in technology have helped shift our society to a more connected, data-driven day-to-day. You use your phone to keep track of your friends, your bank account, and life-changing decisions, every day. So why shouldn't you use it to make the most out of your workout, too?

Training feedback can make a significant impact with fitness trackers and advanced technology like FitBit, the AppleWatch, Whoop. It's a way to translate your effort into real-time data, workout in numbers, and sweat equity into data-tracking progress.


How Can This Help?

By tracking various fitness metrics, from heart rate to calories burned, steps taken to reps completed, you can review how well your workout went—or how much you need to adjust to reach your short-term goals. 

All of this data interpreted in the right ways can help with:


Breaking a plateau — Suffering from a setback? Knowledge of progress—even in the slightest—can motivate you to keep coming back for more, day after day. 

Knowing you're still on track with pace and weight increments can be the real-time feedback you need to move forward.


Adaptation — Need to know where you are on your fitness journey? Fitness tracking and data-driven statistics can give you the details to precisely pinpoint your progress.


This real-time feedback can help you adapt your workouts to improve results. Having that kind of control can be reassuring and motivating throughout your workout regiment. 

Monitoring Fatigue — Know how many reps you want to hit. If you're training a day before the big game you'd best not go all out, and vice versa, during prep season you want to know that you're giving it your best, wether that's training at your 80% or higher.

Real-Time Improvements—Not feeling like you're making the most out of this workout session? It's possible that you're not. 


By tapping into your heart rate, metabolic rate, and energy levels and comparing your workout to past recorded ones, tracking devices can give you real-time feedback to help you make the most of what you're doing—right now. 

Get the most out of your workout data

Getting access to real-time feedback through technology gives you access to so much more than your rep count and weight level. 

With your training, knowledge IS power.

Show up to each workout with the knowledge of how you can get stronger, fitter, and better every single day.

Lift with intent

Calibrex 1.0 quantifies lifting performance in real-time. 

no subscription required

Looking to take your training to the next level? Pro athletes use these metrics to make better informed training decisions. So can you.
Track your progress, get real-time feedback and minimize risk of injury.

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Adriana is a content writer at Calibrex.
Before joining Calibrex, she was a former professional soccer player, who competed as a D1 Collegiate Level, the international professional level, and the world stage. 
Her passion for fitness helped her reach high levels of competition, as she earned CAPS playing for both the Brazilian U-17 National Team, the Portuguese U-19 National Team and vesting the Portuguese crest on the Full National Team, competing in World Cup Qualifiers and other international friendlies. 

Adriana Rodrigues | Calibrex Author
Adriana Rodrigues​​

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