How to easily progress on weight using Calibrex

Struggling to Program? Here's a Simple System for Progressing Weight (Setting Velocity Targets)

Tracking workout progress with sets, reps, and weight is typical for anyone serious about lifting. The problem is that it often feels like guesswork. Effectively programming is a tall task for coaches and athletes alike. With velocity-based training, you can take the guesswork out of your programming and know what went down in the weight room. A simple system for progressing weight is to set a velocity target.

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Calibrex | Two ways to track bar balance progress

Start With Single Leg Lifts + Two Ways to Track Bar Balance Progress

Do you feel a bit off balance when you're lifting? Think that one leg is working harder than the other? Notice twisting during your squat or deadlift? If you answered yes, then I'm sure you realize how tough it is to know what's straight when you've been practicing a certain way for so long. Receiving instant feedback is helpful in making those changes stick. The problem is, many people don’t always have a gym friend to help maintain their form. Wouldn't it be nice if someone was there to help you adjust and stay symmetrical through a lift?

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